With Industry One Staffing, You Get:


We have the capability to adapt our recruiting, interview and orientation processes to coincide with your requirements to insure each employee is qualified to work at the assigned position.

Industry One maintains a database of employees set up by skill level. This allows us to better serve the needs of each client with the most qualified employee available.

Industry One has developed several types of services in order to meet the needs of our clients. We have the flexibility to tailor our services to fit your needs.
Temp to Hire:
Our recruiting staff works closely with each client for job requirements and qualifications in order to place the most qualified employees. This effort significantly reduces the human resources cost, turnover and provides an employee that will fulfill your needs. Normal temp to hire periods are for 90 days of continuous employment.
Temporary Help:
For that short-term job, we have available people that will assist you in getting the job done. This can be for 1 day or as many days as you need.
Part-time Help:
We have developed a staff of employees that are available for part-time work. This works very well in the janitorial field where a few hours a day or evening is all that is required.